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the doors to other dimensions are open | for @adultflash

[ it's an accident. they're dealing with a particularly annoying metahuman criminal who tends to make powers go haywire and seems to have amassed a bit of a following. the fight in the streets is--hectic, to say the least. cisco opens a breach, bea zigs when she should've zagged and, whoopsie-daisy. she is suddenly in a different central city where it's evening instead of midnight and that thai place they were fighting in front of is apparently a specialty cupcake shop. weird.

she takes a steadying breath then speeds over to star labs, where there's no one in the cortex, then over to joe's house where there is... a dude doing laundry. a dude who looks a lot like her, actually. if she were four inches taller and he were wearing a flash suit, they could look identical, down to the moles on their cheeks. except for the not-so-obvious-while-in-the-flash-suit differences. ]

Huh. [ she cocks her head to the side and looks at her doppelganger. in her distraction, she doesn't notice that she's still got her voice vibrating the way she always does in the suit, making it seem lower. ] That's new.

[ that is also probably not the best way to start things off. whoops. ] Uh--which Earth is this, exactly? And please tell me you have a Vibe here.
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[Barry yelps when what appears to be another version of him just speeds right into the house, nearly dropping his basket of clothes. He sets it aside, collecting himself. After everything that happened with Savitar, he's a little wary about meeting other selves, but he does offer his doppleganger a hand to shake.]

Earth One. I'm...well. Barry Allen. Hi. And we do have a Vibe. Cisco Ramon, one of my best friends. We can definitely get you home, if you came here by mistake.
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[Oh. There's a look of surprise when she reveals herself, but he just gives her a smile in return, then sticks his hand in his pocket.]

Yeah, I know the feeling. You're actually not the first doppleganger I've met, but have you met any other versions of us? I know it can be a little weird at first.
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[Barry laughs at that, nodding.] Yeah, it's a weird one for me too. But honestly, I can't say I mind the idea? I actually always thought Kara was one of my dopplegangers. Um. Supergirl. If you're familiar with her. Earth 38. We're scarily similar, except I'm not an alien from Krypton.

[He's just going to. Drag his hand down his face because wow, self, stop rambling.]

It is, actually. Promise you won't laugh?
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[Barry chuckles at that.] You could probably do a whole study on like...doppleganger differences and similarities and what it all means, but I'll definitely have to tell Kara.

...Bartholomew Henry Allen is my full name.
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[Barry makes the exact same face.]

I'm so sorry. Bea is way better than Bernice though, so at least you found a way to shorten it too.

[There's an awkward pause.]

Um. you want to hang out here for awhile? Or find Cisco so we can get you home?
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[Barry laughs too, gesturing for her to follow him into the kitchen.]

What do you like? Are you as not picky as me? I can cook us something.
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Same. All right, I can work with that.

[He gets to cooking! A ton of pasta with ground beef, a big salad full of veggies, heating up a few baguettes. He's content in the kitchen, letting the flow of cooking relax him.]

So...can I ask what sort of things you've been dealing with on your Earth? Hopefully nothing like what we've had to deal with here.
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[Barry raises an eyebrow.]

You got aliens too, huh? The Dominators, or another race?
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What if...what if they weren't just Dominators from your universe? What if they crossed universes somehow? We definitely weren't able to learn everything about them, it's totally possible.
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[Barry just shakes his head, amused.] It is, but we're so used to weird and messed up here I wouldn't be surprised. Ever run into a future evil version of yourself?
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Yeah. [Barry glances down, suddenly feeling like maybe he shouldn't have brought it up.] It's complicated, but let's just say it's nice to meet another version of me who's...nice, right now.

[Maybe that's why she's here.]