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◆ pick a character
◆ leave a text message or a voicemail
◆ ???
◆ profit
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for Lisa; something something, nebulous pre-canon things point!

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[He hasn't heard from her in a couple of days and he's definitely annoyed about it. Having some ridiculous dalliance with an idiot he'd disapprove of, probably. He'll just leave her an annoyed big brother voicemail and hope she at least has the decency to text him back when she hears it.]

Lisa. If you don't answer me, I'm going to let Mick start burning his way through town until we find you. [A beat.] You have an hour. [Click.]
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[ she doesn't text; she calls. and she doesn't even wait for leonard to say hello. once he picks up, she starts right in with an annoyed, ] Jeez, Lenny. Overkill, much?

[ she's just three minutes shy of his one hour deadline. he's not the only sibling good with time. ]
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[Smart. It's better to him, to hear her voice. Texts could, technically, be anyone.]

Three minutes. Cuttin' it a little close, there, don't you think?
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I know exactly what time it is.

[ read as: she called this late on purpose. ]
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I'm sure you do. [Beat. Aaaand he's just gonna cut right to the chase:] Who's the lucky guy stealing all your time, Lis?
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There is no guy. [ wait for it... ] Her name is Rosa.

[ and it's not going to end well. ]
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[He already sees where this is going...]

Fill in the blank: She was fun and then....
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And then nothing!

[ which, of course, totally explains why she's been out of contact. totally.

after a pause, lisa sighs. ]

And then she said that she thinks she likes guys a little better than girls. I knew she wasn't completely sure of things. It's no big deal.

[ still kinda stings, even if they're gonna stay friends. it'll sting again when rosa meets sam, but that hasn't happened yet. ]
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[Leonard bristles at the explanation. Doesn't matter what she says, he knows she's hurt by it. However minor that hurt may be. He can hear it in her voice. Even if it's tiny and would be impossible for anyone else to trace, Leonard raised her, he knows all her tells.]

You sure you don't need someone to deal with her for you?

[Maybe he was just looking for an excuse for a fight. Maybe it was just that dumb, big brother overprotective instinct. Who could say, really.]
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[ can he also hear her rolling her eyes? because she totally is right now. ]

It was a mutual break up, Lenny, you don't need to have her shanked.
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Just offering.
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[ there's a moment of silence. ]

I won't say no to some company, if you don't give me that look you give everyone I date.
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No judgmental stares. Promise.
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I'm at [ address ] if you want to come over.
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He doesn't say anything else before ending the call. She knows him well enough to know his answer--yes. His answer is always yes when it's Lisa or Mick. There's little else in life that matters beyond the two of them, and he's made damn sure they both knew it through the years. Especially Lisa. She got dealt a crap hand from the start and it has always been his job to protect her.

It isn't long before he's at the address she'd given him, knocking on the door. Whatever she needed, he'd deal and supply it. Mostly, he assumes, it's just the not-being-alone-right-now part of these messes she always seems to land herself in. Guys, girls, Lisa had a type-- and that type was basically anyone not good enough for her. Or maybe that was those protective brother instincts kicking up again.
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She's not a mess when she opens the door. A handful of previous break-ups had left her in the kind of mood where she wanted to do nothing but curl up in tattered old pajamas and cry her eyes out at old, romantic movies. This is different. While it's got her in sweats and looking more melancholy than usual, Lisa's doing alright.

Still gives Len a grateful smile when she lets him in, though.

"Surprised you didn't just pick the lock," she says as she walks back to her comfortable (if ugly as sin) sofa and flops down on it. "Finally learning some manners?"
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His eyes sweep over his sister as she answers the door and while she's a little down, it's understandable and nothing seems to out of place, all things considered. He's satisfied that she's actually okay and just a little bummed, just like she'd told him. Good. He'd hate to have to ice an innocent girl or something.

"I have manners." A beat. "Sometimes." He smirks and follows her inside to the couch, where he presently drops down onto the other end with all the grace of a cat. Because in another life, he probably was one.
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"You mean when you're conning someone."

Lisa squints at her brother. Both because that comment deserves it and to judge how stand-offish he's feeling today. Lenny's a hard read sometimes, even for her, so eventually she just says 'fuck it' mentally and scoots closer to him so she can lean on his shoulder a bit. Sad baby sister's prerogative.

Here, in the privacy of her apartment with only Leonard to see, Lisa allows herself a moment to wonder. To worry. She gnaws at her bottom lip and asks, "Hey, Lenny?"
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He isn't bothered by the invasion of his personal space, but only because it is being invaded by his baby sister. Anyone else would have been met with violent reactions, but...she gets a slide. Family privileges and all that.

"Yeah?" He urges her to continue, idly reaching up to thread his fingers through her hair. One of those things that used to be a big comfort when she was sick or sad as a kid. Might still to the trick, right?
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The feeling of his fingers running through her hair is a comfort. It sends her back to quiet nights together when she was little, reminds her of the way Lenny and Mick always made her feel safe. Even when things were going to shit. Things aren't terrible right now, not like they used to be, but Lisa's mind is spinning to some not so great places. This helps.

"Do you think people like us--" Criminals. Broken people with scars aplenty. Proud fuck-ups. "Get happy endings?"

What she means is 'do you think someone like me will ever find something like what you have with Mick?' Because that's what she really wants. Someone that's not an older brother she can rely on and trust completely. Someone she can fight with, and flirt with, and have fun with. A partnership that'll really last, even if she knows he and Mick have had their off times.
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He can't help the slight frown that etches across his features at the question. Seems so odd a thing to ask. Even for Lisa. Maybe especially for Lisa. They are what and who they are, and nothing will change that. Their little makeshift family have long-since accepted their role in this world, their lot in life, but... but maybe it's impossible to give up wanting certain things out of life. However unfair or far-fetched.

"I'll never find anyone I completely approve of," he says it as a teasing jab, because he knows she might get half a smile out of it before he actually addresses the question seriously, still toy with her hair as he speaks. "I don't think we get happy endings, Lis...people like us, we get our close enough's, maybe."

Like him and Mick. They weren't exactly happy, or even exactly a couple most of the time, not by the standards most people held, but...they had been through it all. And so far, no matter how bad it got, nothing has successfully pulled them apart permanently. And Leonard tends to count that as a win. "You'll find yours." He could have left it at that. Ended on the comforting note of hope, but did he? No, of course not. He adds, "Probably in a back alley somewhere, hustling some poor schmuck."
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Lisa loves her life. She really, really does. And she loves their patchwork little family more than anything. It's only on days like today, days where she's reminded of the fact that she's never had a lasting romantic relationship, that she starts thinking about thinks like happy endings. Things people like them aren't really made for. Things that part of her nevertheless wants, even if she'd rather have a close enough than a storybook romance.

Leonard coaxes a smile out of her, and then a laugh. "Nah. They'll be at the pool table and I'll beat them at their own game." That sounds much more interesting--much more her--than any fairy tale could ever be.
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He can't help chuckling at that a bit. "Sounds about right. Poor them...never gonna see it comin'." He smirks a little and lets the ends of her hair fall from between his fingertips and shakes his head. That's the thing about Lisa, she may get knocked down for a little while, but it never lasts for long.
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Lisa pushes herself up off of Leonard and presses a smacking kiss to his cheek. "Thanks, Lenny," she says, smiling. "I'm gonna grab some ice cream from the freezer. Want some?"
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"Anytime, Lis." For her, anything, always. He watches as she slides away and smirks at the question. "Well, when have I ever said no to that?"
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01. ohhhh my godddd if i have to deal with one more customer trying to get out of tipping me i'm gonna scream and maybe commit a murder

02. another thursday. another instance of the world almost ending and ny almost being completely trashed instead of just mostly trashed. i'm thinking i should write up a will.

03. aunt may is officially cooler than everyone else's aunts. she's breaking out the hippie stories again and it's awesome.
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[personal profile] longblack 2017-05-15 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
01. Swear to God if I get one more hipster asshole in here asking if they can do a gig and then playing with an out of tune guitar I'm gonna scream

02. Fun fact: feeding werewolves kibble when they're transformed actually helps their hair look better when they're human again

And no you probably don't want to know how I know this

03. I think my brother may kill me for giving his kid The Talk before he could
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tell em there's an extra fee for making you suffer through their shitty set
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[personal profile] longblack 2017-05-15 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
I don't even let them get past the audition stage, but there's so goddamn many of them that come through and try anyway. Guess that's what I get for setting up shop next to the college
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i'll trade free coffee for overseeing the audition process so you don't have to
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[personal profile] longblack 2017-05-15 01:30 am (UTC)(link)
You've got yourself a deal. I'll even make it espresso if you want instead of drip
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@ scrimshanding

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I hear that's what team mates do. Keep each other from getting into too much trouble.

Speaking of, how's your head?
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[ he's not there to appreciate it but reading - then rereading - leonard's words brings a surprised but pleased smile. ]

(1) you heard right man
(2) ontop of lot's of other fun things
(3) feels like someone played football with it.
(4) but i'm gonna see if gideon's got something for it

[ an unspoken 'don't worry about it' ]

(5) how about you?
(6) how'd your night turn out?

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Hydration and greasy food'll get rid of the hangover faster than aspirin.

Good, all things considered.
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[ooc: gah. so sorry.]

(1) already got the oj and the water down. always thought the greasy food thing was just a way people messed with each other.

[ like dumb shit teenagers dared themselves into doing to see who'd get sick/pass out/injured/etc first. but ... ]

(2) all things considered meaning me trying to start my own fight club
(3) or something else
(4) feel free to tell me to mind my own business.

[ the statement more showing he wouldn't be offended and would easily drop the questioning as well as the conversation than actual permission. ]