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for cecily.

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[ it's just after dawn, though it's hard to tell. the grey clouds and the steady pitter-patter of rain on the roof of their chambers masks any light the sun would have brought with it. the morning is quiet, save for the muted shower. it's the rare sort of morning where neither the inquisitor nor her commander have anything pressing to do.

as such, cullen finds himself quite content to stay in bed when he wakes, listening to the rain and slowly tracing patterns along his wife's bare shoulders. he doesn't expect her to wake soon--not when she loathes mornings the way she does--but that's fine. he can gently coax her into wakefulness with quiet touches and kisses pressed to the top of her head. ]
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[ "Just after dawn" was once not a familiar sight for the Inquisitor (though she isn't sure how true that title still holds, these days). However, the more time she'd spent in Skyhold and beyond, the more time she's spent with that title, the more she's had on her mind. As a result, this time of day is becoming more and more one in which she awakens, unable to return to sleep, and stares into the semi-darkness. There's more than enough to mull over, and so it's on one of these many subjects that she's musing when she feels feather-light touches at her shoulders.

Yes, she's awake, but she can lead her husband to believe that she still holds the same, stubborn practices. Best not to worry him. As such, Cecily stirs gradually, shifting and muttering faintly, if only for show. Eventually, she cracks an eye open at the kiss, a wearied smile growing (a genuine one, too). ]

Still dark, by my estimation. [ She murmurs, gently taking one of his hands and kissing each finger. ] You're off the mark by a few hours.
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[ cullen snorts quietly. ]

It's dark because of the weather, not because of the time, [ he says, voice rough with sleep. now that she's more or less awake, he pulls her closer to himself and kisses her head a little more firmly. ]

How are you feeling this morning?

[ he knows from experience that old wounds can ache with the changes in weather. and while the loss of her hand may not be an old wound yet, cullen wouldn't be surprised if that worked similarly. of course, he's also got enough tact to not just come out and ask 'how's the stump feeling?' ]
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Prove it. [ She mutters, obstinate. Yes, all right, it's clearly because of the weather... which she feels keenly, somehow, in the space that used to be her arm. Cecily knows the underlying meaning behind his question and responds with silence as she thinks it over, having to shut down bits and pieces of herself so as not to lash out and react with the waves of bitterness that she feels. ]

Feeling excellent, thanks. [ The former Inquisitor had gotten used to the faint pulsing of light as they slept, and now that the anchor is gone, it seems... too dark. ] Ready to greet the day and face... whatever it is I'm doing these days.

[ Without the Inquisition, there's a growing void of restlessness in the pit of her stomach that grows a little bigger with each day. ]

How are you feeling? [ She asks pointedly, though he has two very functional arms. ]
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[ chuck doesn't like raleigh becket. she doesn't, he's a wash-out and a has-been. he's also more than proven himself and where there had been disdain, there is now grudging respect. she won't admit to that, not out loud, but — they drifted. she doesn't have to say anything for him to know, and it would have been impossible to hide, so she hadn't tried.

she had tried to keep the fact that she's not blind or immune to his attractiveness out of it and she thinks she's managed pretty well after years of keeping things out of the drift that she didn't want her father to know. (like how she'd googled information about her first period instead of asking him. he'd been busy, anyway, and it would have been awkward.)

they drifted, and she doesn't like him, but maybe she does. at any rate, she finds it hard not to be aware of him now. of the pull low in her stomach, like there's a hook there connected to an invisible line that drags her toward him.

she doesn't give in to it. it's coincidence that she's taking max for his walk when raleigh's just stepped out. it's max dragging her toward raleigh that has her stop in front of him. ]