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chinhands. also lmk if this doesn't work!!

[ this isn't how he expected things to go upon his return from the dead. or at least, if he'd though he could come back, this isn't how he thought things would go. after taking the plunge and admitting to sara he felt something for her, after that kiss at the oculus, leonard had thought there would be something. a little more than the flirtation and dancing around they did before.

what he got was this: occasionally awkward looks that spoke of time passed and untold stories, moments of complete sync and clarity the likes of which he'd only had with mick before, and glances across the ship that carried with them a simmering heat and a hint of something lurking underneath.

they're in a hotel in 1970s new york. the day's been spent casing buildings and sitting in cafes, watching their marks. there's not much else to do on days like these except talk in between moments of observation. they keep their tones even, don't let things get too deep. they only hint at the fact that the distance between them is something they both wish they could figure a way across. the slight tension it brings follows them back to the hotel. it twists and morphs as sara presses him into the hotel door the moment it's closed, her mouth hot on his.

adrenaline sings through leonard's veins. it's a heady rush he can't get enough of, even as he slips his hands under sara's shirt and feels the heat of her skin against his palms. he strips her quickly. just enough to get to the core of her when she sits on the edge of the bed and he kneels before her, still mostly dressed himself. hands resting on the join of her thighs, he parts her. flicks his tongue from entrance to clit and groans, savoring the taste of her. ]

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