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deflowers this post i'm not even sorry

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chinhands. also lmk if this doesn't work!!

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[ this isn't how he expected things to go upon his return from the dead. or at least, if he'd though he could come back, this isn't how he thought things would go. after taking the plunge and admitting to sara he felt something for her, after that kiss at the oculus, leonard had thought there would be something. a little more than the flirtation and dancing around they did before.

what he got was this: occasionally awkward looks that spoke of time passed and untold stories, moments of complete sync and clarity the likes of which he'd only had with mick before, and glances across the ship that carried with them a simmering heat and a hint of something lurking underneath.

they're in a hotel in 1970s new york. the day's been spent casing buildings and sitting in cafes, watching their marks. there's not much else to do on days like these except talk in between moments of observation. they keep their tones even, don't let things get too deep. they only hint at the fact that the distance between them is something they both wish they could figure a way across. the slight tension it brings follows them back to the hotel. it twists and morphs as sara presses him into the hotel door the moment it's closed, her mouth hot on his.

adrenaline sings through leonard's veins. it's a heady rush he can't get enough of, even as he slips his hands under sara's shirt and feels the heat of her skin against his palms. he strips her quickly. just enough to get to the core of her when she sits on the edge of the bed and he kneels before her, still mostly dressed himself. hands resting on the join of her thighs, he parts her. flicks his tongue from entrance to clit and groans, savoring the taste of her. ]
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CHINHANDS HARDER (and also in capslock!!)

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[ death puts things into perspective. after her own, sara had found herself first unfeeling and then afraid of emotions, of feeling too deeply and of getting hurt. her sister's death had made her appreciate family even more than she had before; real or found. leonard's death had shown her things about him she hadn't thought could be true despite the growing connection between them, despite knowing that there are more layers to him than he wore in public.

two out of three people returning from the dead is not a bad statistic, all things considered. sara only wishes her sister hadn't died — but there's no use in thinking about it right now. she's learned to stop herself from the downward spiral of grief before she goes too deep and on a mission, there's always something else to focus on. there's leonard, too, and that's unexpected, but it's good even if she doesn't quite know how to approach him, how the team dynamics will change and have already changed.

what she realises is that she's missed him more than she knows how to say, that there's been countless times that she's wanted his sharp commentary and wit. she hasn't touched a deck of cards in months.

things are awkward, and sara hates it. she refuses to be scared of what could happen; she's already died twice and come back, kissing someone she likes won't do much to her. (it's a lie: her body is one thing, but her heart is more fragile and with leonard, it would mean so much.)

she kisses him and he kisses back and it's everything. they have time now, unlike last time when she pressed her lips to his knowing that he would die moments later, knowing that he was sacrificing himself for mick and for all of them, for a future in which they're free instead of puppets. she would have thought that kissing him would lessen the tension she feels curled tight in her stomach, but it doesn't; instead, it shifts into something hotter, burning brighter. it rises when he strips her and it rises when she digs her fingers into his lower back and pulls him closer and it sparks into flames when he parts her thighs and licks into her.

sara arches off the mattress, her fingers scrambling for purchase. ]
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❝ yes, professor. ❞

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( see also one and two
please feel free to mix and match etc )
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[ it starts with dinner. pasta, and wine, and light conversation. enough time for the slim bracelet emitting red sun radiation into kara's skin to really do its job. after, he takes the plates and puts them in the sink. moves back and offers kara a hand up from her chair. he slides a hand around her to rest at the small of her back and kisses her slowly, chasing the lingering taste of the wine in her mouth. ]

Close your eyes, [ he murmurs against her lips. taking her by the hand, he carefully leads her from the eat-in kitchen down the hall to the bedroom. they stop at the foot of the bed and leonard lets her fingers slip from his grasp. the urge to take a moment to just look at her, this incredibly powerful woman here with him, is strong. but he resists. later, he'll indulge himself. maybe.

for now, he walks around her until he can place one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder. he lets his palm skim across her collar bone until he can gently--so very gently--cup his hand around her throat and tip her head back. ]

I'm gonna take good care of you, Kara, [ he says quietly, lips brushing against the shell of her ear. his thumb slides back and forth against the skin of her jaw, and he revels in the fact that she's letting him do this. letting him teach her how this can go, and how good it can be. ] Just relax.
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( the nice thing about dinner, unrushed and unhurried, is that she barely notices the gradual adjustments of the radiation as it sinks into her skin, slowly counteracting the effects of the earth's yellow sun on her kryptonian dna. it's a temporary change, of course, lasting for only a short while after the bracelet's removal, but a significant change all the same.

the less than nice thing about dinner, unrushed and unhurried as it happens to be, is how much time there is between her arrival and right now. there's too much time, too many moments where kara's mind can race ahead, considering all of the promised intentions and discussed options that could lay ahead in the coming hours; there's too many opportunities for her heart to beat wildly in her chest at the small smile that curves across his mouth when he catches her distracted, or for her breath to catch in her throat as he says her name, low and steady and sure.

those opportunities don't stop after dinner, either. as he settles her in place, her own eyes closed at his request, all she can do is listen for clues, anything recognizable to try and piece together what might be coming. it's difficult; her hearing feels muffled, suffocated almost, the result of the radiation currently coursing through her body, and it's hard to determine what noise comes from where or to focus on any one thing in particular. except his voice. that, for whatever reason, comes through quite cleanly.

relax, he instructs her, and she tries. really, she does. she tries to relax, tries to control the shuddering breath that falls from her lips at the feeling of his thumb against her jaw, the pressure of his hand against her throat, just barely there. )
Okay, ( she whispers, an attempt at obedience, even while struggling not to move into his touch, to not demand more than just the feather-light sensation of his mouth skirting her ear. )

I'm trying to.
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[ watching her shiver (metaphorically and hopefully soon literally) with antici... pation, fans the smoldering heat in his veins. this is difficult for her, he can tell. but that's what makes it all the sweeter. ]

It's a tall order, but try not to think. [ he murmurs as he drops feather-light kisses along the side of her neck. ] Just let yourself feel and breathe.

[ leonard steps back from her. just far enough so that he can rest both hands lightly on the curve of her shoulders before one goes to the zipper of her dress. he slowly pulls it down, leaning in to press his mouth to every sliver of skin that gets revealed. when it won't go down any further, he straightens. ]

I'm gonna take this off you, [ he says, sliding one hand under the fabric and enjoying the warmth of her skin. ] But first I want you to tell me two things. I want to know how steady you think your legs are without your powers, and I want to know how you feel about me talking to you through this. Telling you how you feel or how good you're being for me.

[ it'll help, he thinks, with the lack of powers. and with the fact that he wants her eyes closed through most of this. ]
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( try not to think. on an average day, that's an order kara's not particularly well equipped to follow, but it helps that her mind feels particularly short-circuited at the moment. makes it easier to try and think of nothing at all, to not-so-simply let her conscious mind focus on the sensations of his touch, the way the breeze from the fan pulls goosebumps over exposed skin, mollified by the warmth of his hands.

his questions, however, mean that she has to focus some of that attention on processing rational thought. on the strength of her legs to support her weight, on the sound of his voice, on her own comfort in hearing it. at least, in terms of the latter, that answer comes without much thought at all. )

Okay, ( to the removal of her dress, murmured over a small nod of her head, motion reserved as if too much of it would leave her dizzy. (it might.) a deep breath, and kara continues in a whisper that's surprisingly steady, even as she has to stop and start in attempts to find the right words. ) I don't... I don't know. I can stand up, if you want me to, but I don't... know for how long.

( as for his second question, that one comes only after he manages to remove what's left of her dress, however long it may take. the answer is quick, effortless; she knew the answer before the question was even finished. )

I want to hear you. ( and though her response is almost confident, it's followed up nearly immediately by a quiet, practically apologetic, ) ...please.
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[ another barely there kiss is placed on the nape of her neck as her dress slithers to the floor. warm palms slide down smooth skin, resting on kara's hips for a moment as leonard murmurs, ] Good girl, [ right against the shell of her ear.

the fingers of one hand slowly trace up the line of her spine until they meet the band of her bra. one deft flick of the wrist has it unfastened, straps sliding down kara's shoulders the way the dress did moments ago. ]

Here's how we're going to start. [ leonard presses himself against her back as the fabric falls to the floor. the one hand on her hip stays there to steady her, but the other comes up to cup a breast, thumb circling but never quite touching her nipple. ] I'm going to touch you like this for a little while. See if you've got any ticklish spots or places you didn't even know about that'll make you hot. You're going to keep your eyes closed so you won't know where I'm going to touch you next, and you won't get to touch me back, but I'll be within an arms length at all times. [ he won't leave her here, standing all but naked in his bedroom, vulnerable and alone. but he will keep her guessing. ] Then I'm gonna have you spread your legs and I'm going to eat you out until your legs won't hold you anymore.

[ the slight smirk is audible in his voice as he shifts back enough to kiss kara's shoulder blade. ] Sound good?
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( a soft cry is pulled from deep in her throat as cool air brushes over her skin, traced over by surprisingly warm hands as they trail patterns across her hips and chest; it echoes in the air above her, and kara can only bite at her bottom lip to muffle any others, a pale flush coloring her cheeks in the process. sound good, he asks, and she hums out her consent, a breathless little sound that hints at her uncertainties.

there's trust in this, unhesitatingly given, but there's discomfort too, though she tries not to let it show. uncertainty at just how this will work, from practical thoughts — how long will her legs manage to keep her upright if he's planning to keep her standing? — to more abstract, concepts of vulnerability swirling in her head. his offered explanations help, a bit. they set her mind a little more at ease, this dependable timeline. i'll touch you, and when i'm touching you, you won't touch me.

it's a challenge, an expectation, and it's never been a secret how much kara lives to please. this is no exception.

tongue darting out to wet her lower lip, kara carefully lets her head lean back, as if testing if his sturdy warmth behind her is really there. the crown of her head settles against his chest, just under his shoulder; a relieved, contented sigh sounds as she adjusts her weight against him. that, it seems, is the cue to settle her nerves, enough at least to speak again. )

Is that okay?