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⇢ certain characters have au starters in the comments below but that's by no means the only way to play here. feel free to leave an au starter of your own, a prompt, a picture, or even just a COME HERE AND FUCK ME UP, LYN and i will give you trashy werewolf au things.
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Leonard was seventeen when he was turned. A job with the old man gone wrong and one of the mob boys going rabid. Lewis kept him locked in the basement for three days, waiting to see if he would make it. He did. He came out the other end with rage and grief simmering in his gut, but he held it together. For Lisa.

At least until Lise ended up with a scar on her collarbone. Then Leonard lured his father to the outskirts of the city and took advantage of the fact that the cops didn't really know about weres to do what he couldn't before. Still keeps him up some nights, but he can't bring himself to regret it. Not after everything.

He struck up a deal with the owner of the Motorcar. Worked mornings and just after lunch cleaning dishes. It's just enough to keep CPS off his ass and Lisa in his custody as she grew. He wasn't planning on letting go of her. Couldn't really. She was pack, same as Mick. Mick, who he turned when a heist went wrong in their early twenties and Len lost it a little.

They stick around Central. Quietly carve out a bit of territory for themselves. Make a name for themselves in the seedier parts. It's grand. And it only gets better when a speedster shows up and Leonard has something that piques his interest and makes stealing more of a challenge than it's been in a while. Life's good. Better than it should be for a were and a supervillain. At least until they get on that fucking timeship and things go to shit.


pick a time period and run with it, friends /o/ legends stuff should probably only go up to mick getting thrown in the brig after the pirates though.